How Women Can Have a Baby without Knowing They are Pregnant


With advances in technology in recent years and more and more outlets for news to break, more strange stories are being told and shared than ever. The video of a cat riding a skateboard that used to be seen by a few people in an office can now be shared to millions of people within minutes. It is for this reason that more stories of people having babies without knowing that they are pregnant are hitting the World Wide Web than ever before. It sounds like a crazy notion to think that a woman can go through nine months of pregnancy without even knowing that she is pregnant, especially when you consider the amount of changes that a woman’s body goes through in that time period.

Around a year ago, there were two stories following this theme that spread around the internet in just hours. One describe how a woman who lived in the UK, aged 25, thought she just had flu when she had pains in her stomach but ended up having a baby. Similarly, not too long before, another woman based in Massachusetts was complaining of back pain and thought that something was just wrong with her back before she surprised everyone (even herself) as she started to go into labor.

After many readers were left shocked after these stories, many people went on to research what is known as ‘cryptic pregnancy’ and found that the problem is actually quite common and occurs more than people realized. It really is possible for a woman to carry a child for nine months without even realizing so we did some research to find out exactly how.

Irregular Periods – Missing a period is normally the first trigger that makes a woman take a pregnancy test. However, if you are someone who has irregular periods anyway, and have done since an early age, missing a period wouldn’t necessarily make you take a pregnancy test; in fact, it would be something that is quite normal.

Overweight – One of the biggest signs of pregnancy, not in the first couple of months but certainly on from that, is putting on weight and noticing a big difference in the stomach. However, someone who is already overweight will not feel the physical change as much as someone who is smaller. The extra fat will also prevent them from feeling the baby kicking or moving at all as there will be an extra insulated layer. This can then mean that someone is pregnant and they wouldn’t know a thing until very late on when other signs start to kick in.

Pregnancy Test Said No – So you have missed your period and you decide to take action because normally your periods are spot on or close enough to a schedule. You take the test and after nervously waiting, it says no which puts an end to all conversations or possibilities that you could be pregnant; FALSE. Even though pregnancy tests are, on the whole, extremely accurate, they can be wrong. It is thought that most pregnancy tests offer a 99% accuracy rating and some are even higher leaving you with a less than 1% chance that it is wrong. By the law of averages, that still means that there will be a certain number of people in the world that will receive inaccurate results. This is why it advised that you take more than one test so you will be provided with a more accurate result. If two consecutive tests say no, there is a fraction of a percent chance that both tests were wrong.

Also, there is a chance that you pee on the stick too early before your body is producing enough of the relevant hormones; this test will come back negative when you are in fact pregnant. Drinking too much water will have the same effect as it will dilute your urine and there is a strong chance that it will also dilute the hormone levels as well. If you have consumed a lot of water on that particular day, make sure you take another test the following day once the effects of this have worn off.

If you are unsure or don’t completely trust the results that you have been given from the pregnancy test, make a visit to your doctor who will run their own test.

Mistaken For Perimenopause – Many people in their late 40s begin to experience ‘perimenopause’ where their cycles begin to change and irregular periods as well as periods that stop and start are common place. Of course, these are also signs of being pregnant and so many women in their late 40s do not realize that they are pregnant until they visit the doctor (normally regarding weight gain during the premenopausal stage).

Stomach Problems – In the same way that if you have always had irregular periods you wouldn’t pay attention to a missed one, if you are used to dealing with stomach problems, you wouldn’t pay attention to nausea and vomiting when this is one of the main side-effects of pregnancy (morning sickness).

Quiet Baby – Of course, an exciting time during pregnancy is when the baby starts to kick and you can feel it through the stomach. However, not all babies kick their way through the second trimester and some move very little. There is also a possibility that the baby is moving but the mother cannot feel it as the placenta is placed in front of the baby.

So although it sounds like it is something that could never happen to you and you think that if it were to happen to you, ‘you would know’. There really is a chance that you can go through pregnancy without realizing because you put the symptoms down to something else. If you are ever unsure and feel as though something is different, be sure to make a visit to your doctor where they will run more effective tests and be able to help you fully.