5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners


When I was a young girl moving on to womanhood, and there wasn’t any internet around, I’d put on a version of makeup I thought was brilliant. Now that I look back at pictures from those angsty years, I cringe. Because in reality, I had no clue of what I was doing. My mom did explain to me that makeup was to make myself look good, but she never explained much after that. She just assumed I’d figured it out. After two years of lipstick that was not for me and eyeliner that would be enough for four pairs of eyes and a lot of help, I eventually did, figure it out. To save all of you from the experiences I faced, here are a few tips for you to follow which should be easy enough for anyone starting out.

1. Foundation5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners

Wear it if you want to. If you find that you start to break out with acne, you’re probably allergic to some of the ingredients in it, so you should probably change brands. Some people suggest not using it at all because it does not let the skin breath, that is a myth. It just depends of the brand.

2. Skin Tone

Makeup is all about knowing your complexion and skin tones. You should know what colors would favor you more or what colors would work in hiding what you want of showing off a feature you want. For example, for fair skin, one should avoid pale and frosted colors, to avoid looking drained and/or sick

3. Eyeliner5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners

Eyeliner is pretty much used to bring out and define your eyes, and varying thickness makes it easier to have different options with. I’d advise starting with only the top lashes and working your way from there. An easy to do and generally fashionable look is the well known winged eyeliner look. When going for the winged look, always remember to follow your eyebrows and NOT your ears, or else it’d come out looking like a mess. A hard to clean up mess!

4. Mascara

Using mascara elongates your eyelashes and bring out your eyes, and the neat little thing about mascara is that it doesn’t take a long time to apply, about like 10 seconds, and there are different types of brands to work with and different brushes to help out. It a pretty do-it-yourself.

5. Lipstick5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners

Neutral reds with blue hues agree with any type of skin but mostly it’s the kind of undertone. One thing to remember, is to avoid yellow or orange colors so as to keep your teeth brighter side.

Once you get the basics down you can move on to contouring, which isn’t hard to do but I’dadvise learning your way up to it. Always remember to use a bronze darker than your skin tone when doing so!

One last tip, the most important of all, is just to apply makeup if you want to. Don’t do it because people expect it out of you, do it for yourself, if you want to look good for someone. Just do it out of your own decision.