5 Beauty Hair Tips for Happy, Healthy, Hair


Every girl, and I mean every girl, knows what a hassle it is to get those fine locks of hair looking like they haven’t been touched a bit but still look amazing, you know, that look where you spend hours upon hours in the morning (much to the nagging and whining of their significant others) to have your hair come out perfect like you woke up with it like that, or otherwise making it look neat and not like a bird’s gonna build a nest right there. But worry not fellow females! I have the solution to your bad hair days:

5. Honey I’m home!

Your hair is ever hungry for all things natural and healthy and what could be more sweet and healthier than good ol’ honey. Who knew that those little insects in their dank combs could be busy making hair product! That’s right, honey kills germs, moisturizes your hair and leaves it dandruff free. So just apply it about two hours before you wash it out and don’t worry about it being sticky, it’s pretty soluble in water.

5 Beauty Hair Tips for Happy, Healthy, Hair4. A wash a day keeps the moisture away

You know how your mom always nagged you to wash your hair everyday? Said they’d fall out if you didn’t? Weeeelll she was wrong. Washing it everyday makes it devoid of essential oils and dries it way too much, so skip a day or two before you wash it again. But do wash it though.

3. In love with the Coco

Well, not that kind of coco. Coconut oil can basically be called miracle potion at this point for what it does to your hair. If it’s devoid of any moisture, apply this in small amounts on your roots and watch it come alive like soil after rain.

2. Give it to me straight,doc.5 Beauty Hair Tips for Happy, Healthy, Hair

Sometimes, you just need that little extra boost, like a power up for your hair! Imagine picking up those mushrooms from Mario and having your hair grow huge instantly, sure you can’t do you that but you can take some supplements. It’s still not known if they make your hair grow faster but they’ll sure as hell make them stronger, just consult a physician first for the best options for you.

1. Treat yo’ self

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the fuel you’re getting for that amazing little machine that is your head. And what better way to make a machine work better than to oil it. That’s right, have some foods rich in oil e.g fish and other seafood. And you’ve gotta have some of those green and leafy foods too to make that hair glow and shine, while still having it as strong as Spiderman’s webbing.

So girls, follow these five easy (and some may call lazy) steps to the letter and you’ll have to work minimal ways to keep care of those flowing locks and you’ll still have them looking fine as the rest of yourself every single day.