An Exploration of the Female Fashion


Opening that wardrobe in the morning, you are exposing yourself to the raw, unadulterated rays of fashion. Now, you may not know it but, in that wardrobe lays the secret to you looking absolutely perfect. So go on, pick out that top and those cute boots, make yourself feel wonderful in that attire and head out feeling on top of the world. Fashion-ize yourself with the top trends in the Fashion world but don’t forget to spice it with a bit of your own flavors just for that touch of you.

The Beacon Of Elegance:An Exploration of the Female Fashion

“Why are you taking so long?”- said every man ever. Girls, let’s face it, heading out we need to look like we’re going to a ramp-walk. Hell, he’s the first one to complain if you don’t look good! We are Women, this beacon of elegance shrouded in curtains of mystery and becoming this just takes a teensy bit of time in the mornings. But that time is worth it when you hear those Gucci Ursula’s stamp on the sidewalk ready to take on the world.

The Glamour Talks and Walks:

An Exploration of the Female FashionFew things rival the power and allure of the glamour encrusted world of Female Fashion. As every season rolls in, comes with it an array of designers launching their respective collection for that season. And you know what that means! Ramp-walks and Fashion shows to make your head spin and enrich that fashion-pallet of yours.

Let’s face it, the male fashion shows are well, for lack of a better word-dull. I mean, I can’t think of many different ways to put that suit on! Sure it looks good but season in, season out you’re wearing the same thing. But oh Lord do the female fashion shows outshine the male ones in every way possible. You’ve got goddesses walking down the ramps of New York, London, Milan and Paris, boasting the works of connoisseurs of fashion. Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Chanel and more all create art, all to pay homage to elegance incarnate, the Woman.

It’s you:

Do you want to know the secret to Cara Delevingne’s success? Gisele Bundchen’s success? Kate Moss’ success? Because I know what it is. It’s that intrinsic element of fashion, without which, its foundations would crumble. And do you know what it is?

It’s you.

An Exploration of the Female FashionYes, you reading this right now. Without your distinctive taste for style, fashion as we know it today would not have even taken its first breaths. It is because of ladies like you that fashion has spawned into the $1.5 trillion dollar industry. It is because you want to look and feel good every time you wear an outfit, but you just don’t wear that outfit, you make that outfit to be what it is. An ornate vessel for your beauty, elegance and mystery. Because that is what you are. An enigma. And you wrap that enigma in style and accent it with your pallet for fashion and become this unique individual of whose likes have never been seen before. So remember ladies, the glamour of those New York, London, Milan and Paris awaits you, in that quaint little wardrobe of yours.