Beauty Benefits of Rose Water


If you’re into natural beauty care then I’m sure you’ve come across the term rose water more than a few times.  This natural product has been used for many, many years for different beauty benefits.  I’ll touch on just a few of the amazing benefits of this miracle water.  But first: what is it?

What is Rose Water?Beauty Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water is water that has been infused with the oils from rose petals.  It is typically made by steeping the rose petals in water. You can easily purchase this online or at some natural food stores, but you can also make this yourself at home.

How Can I Use Rose Water?

This depends entirely on what you wish to use the rose water for.  With so many different benefits this water is equipped with, there are many different ways to use it; for your eyes, on your skin, and even on your hair.  The benefits are nearly endless.

So What Are the Beauty Benefits of Rose Water?

Rose water has been used for centuries for many different things. Your grandmother can probably tell you more about this amazing concoction than I can.  With the rise of industry products for beauty, this one has taken a seat on the back burner. Until now, that is!  Since more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful ingredients in mass industry produced beauty care items, they are turning toward all-natural things such as rose water for their daily beauty routines.

SkinBeauty Benefits of Rose Water

This is probably the most widely known purpose of rose water.  It has many different properties that work magic on your skin.  Firstly, it’s an incredible toner!  What’s a toner, you ask? Well, a toner is something that protects your skin against bacteria and helps shrink the appearance of pores.  Rose water also helps maintain the skin’s natural pH.  This helps to minimize the production of extra oils and therefore, less acne breakouts.  It is also known to reduce redness, improve circulation, and give your skin a fresh glow.  To use this on your face, simply put your rose water in a spray bottle and spritz your face after washing.


Because rose water increases circulation, it is also known to promote hair growth.  It is also extremely moisturizing and can help prevent against split ends and damage.  Since it is also antibacterial, when applied to roots it can help alleviate itchy and dandruff-ridden scalps.  For use on your hair, you can either apply by spray bottle throughout your hair as a conditioner, or pour on your roots and massage.

EyesBeauty Benefits of Rose Water

Since rose water is such a great natural anti-inflammatory, it’s wonderful at relieving red, tired eyes.  It’s also great when applied around the eyes for preventing wrinkles and aiding the removal of dark circles.  To use as eye drops, simply take a dropper and apply two drops in each eye – do not use too frequently (just like any other eye drops).  For applying around your eyes, dip two fingers in the rose water and dab them around your eyes.  DO NOT RUB.

There are many more uses for rose water than just what is stated above, but if you want the secrets to easy and natural beauty, then these are the best tips for you!  Ready to try it out?  Go ahead and make your own and see how it works for you! Just remember, rosewater works differently for everyone and on different skin types.  Please do a patch test before use.