Beauty Problems Every Girl Faces


Everybody in the world wants to be noticed one way or the other. Makeup, hair and clothes is a way a girl find it easy to be noticed because she wants to be or just because she want herself to look good and making heads turn as you walk down the street with a smirk on your face takes some effort. No one knows this effort far better than us girls do. So when our significant others are asking us, “What’s taking so long?”, this is what is happening:

HairBeauty Problems Every Girl Faces

I wake up every day with my hair looking like an empty road surrounded by trees after a storm. Like a mess. The first thing I start to work on, right after I wake up is my hair. I have to plan and schedule my day according to what my hair comes out after I wake up. Because it takes an infinite amount of time to set it right, brushing, curling, straightening, it tougher than any math exam I’ve given. And when I’m done, I’m still not satisfied with how it comes out


I think it goes without saying that Beauty Problems Every Girl Facesevery girl who uses mascara has a love/hate relationship with this Satan spawn of a beauty product. One the rare occasion where I don’t mess it up, it comes out looking beautiful and I thank the lord for this genius product. But I avoid using mascara at all honestly, because when I do it it turns into a huge mess. “Ah finally, done with the right eye, let’s move on to the left one and oh….oh no…NOT AGAIN!”. That moment, that defining movement, you only get one shot. Smudge. My nose has mascara all over it. Hello darkness my old friend”

Flaw In Perfection

It seems as if little movements in Beauty Problems Every Girl Facesmakeup can break or make you. One swift move and a perfect winged eyeliner. Another quick action and perfectly layered nail polish. One fast movement and there’s something in your eye, you’ve already applied everything. What now, you don’t want to smudge everything you’ve work on so far. All you can do is suffer.

Nail Polish

When you’ve finally picked the color you want, and finally put it on, it takes forever, and I mean forever to dry. You become a fluttering butterfly or a complete idiot, depending on who’s looking. When you’ve been doing it long enough and you have wrist muscles, you look down at your nails, and their smudged. That is when you contemplate not going out in the world, ever.

Vanity, overriding wisdom.

You’re a billionaire, you can buy anything in the world, except that Mac studio fix, because it’s so damn expensive!

When you finally come out of the bathroom, satisfied with how you look, it’s 11 pm and you’ve missed your dinner appointment. Your significant other still appreciates how you look but deep down he’s frustrated and mumbling. But you still look good. And that’s all that you wanted!