Cooking Exciting Spooky Halloween Food


Halloween is about to come and you may be throwing a huge party. For this party you will definitely need food that complements with Halloween. You will want to cook the best food that will be memorable. For Halloween everything needs to look spooky so as to give the guests a wonderful party. It is therefore essential that you cook exciting, spooky dishes that will indeed remain memorable to your guests.  Here are some scary wonderful Halloween recipes.

Eyeball Pasta

Cook this scary recipe to impress your guests on Halloween. It is not very tough to cook. It characterizes pasta that has eyeballs present inside it. You will need cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls, basil, green tagliatelle, tomato sauce as well as fresh pesto to cook this dish. You will have to cut the cherry tomatoes in half. The seeds will need to be taken out. The mozzarella balls also need to be cut in half. Put one half of these within every tomato. For the eyes, the basil leaf will need to be made into circles and then put into the middle of every mozzarella ball. After this you cook the pasta. It will be boiled while the tomato sauce will be heated. Drain the tagliatelle precisely when it has been cooked. Basil can be added also. Place the eyeballs at appropriate places in the pasta.

A Witch’s Cauldron Containing Glow-in-the-Dark Awesome Goo

This is another easy recipe that you can cook for Halloween. From its name you can tell that it will fit perfectly with Halloween. It is indeed a very spooky dish. You will need a loaf of bread, an egg, poppy seeds, butternut squash chunks, an onion, garlic cloves, cream of tomato soup, ground cumin, ground coriander, chili sauce, pitta bread that is extra toasted, plus cucumber sticks. When you cook this dish you will be able to let your tomato dip have a scary look to it. This will be achieved by precisely hollowing out the bread loaf so that you can make a haunted poppy seed cauldron.

Frozen Banana GhostsCooking Exciting Spooky Halloween Food

For dessert you can make this spooky dish which will not take much time to make also. It will look scary and also taste yummy. This is a very easy recipe that you can prepare. You will require white chocolate that should be broken precisely into chunks, ripe bananas, desiccated coconut as well as dark chocolate drops. You will start off by melting the chocolate. Peel the bananas and then cut them in half. Insert a lolly stick precisely in the center of every piece. You will have to then put baking parchment into a baking tray. Next you can coat the banana halves with chocolate. Sprinkle them with much coconut so that they get coated. Put these on the sheet. To give the banana a scary look you can insert two chocolate eyes plus a mouth on the banana. Lastly you need to freeze these for around 4 hours. This is indeed something good that you make for Halloween.