Fashion: A Discovery of You


From the glamour of the ramp cat-walk to one’s own wardrobe, fashion dominates the outlet to express you to the world. Every time you look into the mirror wearing that one special outfit bought from Forever 21 and think to yourself “Damn do I look good!”  THAT dear is fashion; the ability to feel good about yourself.

A Beacon of Elegance:Fashion: A Discovery of You

A painter’s easel is your body when you open up that wardrobe every morning and then no one knows this better than the woman. Men often complain and ask why women take so long to get ready in the morning or whenever, and the truth to that is simple: going out, you have to look your absolute perfect. You are this beacon of elegance, The Woman, this mystery and enigma in high heels, and becoming this enigma takes a bit of time in the mornings. And when you do head out, heads turn and eyes pop at your meticulously selected apparel. From your torso to your toes you and fashion incarnate.

The Female Fashion:

Fashion: A Discovery of YouThe fashion industry is heavily weighed to the female side and that becomes no clearer when the highest paid female model, Gisele Bundchen, rakes in a whopping $42 million. When on the other side the top ten male models earn a combined $8 million. The female fashion is much more diverse and explicit than the males, and not to undermine the male fashion industry but how many times can you put on that same Armani or Gucci suit? With the female industry there is so much you can do with every part of your body! Let’s take forexample the simple old wrist: You can wear a divine wristwatch Héritage Phase de Lune from Bruguet or if you’re in a classy mood  go for some dazzling Versace bracelets that’ll sure make your wine-glass hand dazzle. Why stop there? Wear a Valentino Garavani studded bracelet and rock that fierce side, headed to the beach with some friends? Wear a simple  rubber colored  word on them that mean so much to you.

The biggest stages:Fashion: A Discovery of You

The Grammy’s been handed out, The Oscars’s red carpet’s been rolled up and put in the storage but talk of the best dressed haven’t yet started. Every time  such an event takes place the talk of best dressed never seems to stop and it’s because actresses, singers and entertainers alike go all out to teach us what fashion really means and with this over-shadow the boring suited men. And it’s not only limited to Hollywood. Your best friend just been married, the reception was great, the ceremony tear jerking, but what stood out the most? What was every eye anticipating? That’s right. The Brides dress. Picked out over a period of months through exercising that eye for style and grace to make that one day the best of your life.

Fashion, ladies , is never limited to your wealth. You don’t need to be a millionaire to look good. You are what makes you look and feel-good.