How to Nail your Halloween Makeup


If you’re someone like me and you really go all out for Halloween, then chances are you’ll have a ton of makeup to put on in order to make your costume really come to life. While this may seem easy, bad makeup can actually ruin a whole outfit!

For me, doing Halloween makeup is almost second nature. But it wasn’t always that way. It took me a really long time to work out all the kinks that accompany a full face of transforming makeup. I have compiled all of my best tricks and treats in order to help you really nail your Halloween makeup this year!

1. Be Realistic

You’re not going to be able to completely transform your face so that you look like someone or something completely different. Even though some professionals may have “tutorial” videos that will help you out, you need to be realistic. Don’t expect your makeup to turn out like theirs because it probably won’t happen. Pick a realistic makeup idea that you actually have a shot at pulling off. But, you know yourself better than I do, so go for it if you think you can do it!

2. Practice

Never blindly try out your makeup the night of the Halloween party, trick or treating, or whatever it is you’re dressing up for. This leaves so much room for error and it can make your face look messy and rushed if you mess up and have to remove and reapply multiple times. Pick a day to do a trial run. Do your whole makeup, too! Don’t just skimp out.

3. Clean Your Face BeforehandHow to Nail your Halloween Makeup

Having a dirty face going into putting on a ton of makeup is just a recipe for disaster. The oils on your skin will not mesh well with the makeup and you’ll end up looking greasy and dirty. Always thoroughly wash, tone, and moisturize your face prior to loading it up with makeup. Your results will be much more crip.

4. Use the Correct Makeup

There is makeup specialized for Halloween and makeup for your everyday look – learn the difference. If you use your red lipstick for the “blood” you will more than likely end up with a pink melting mess. And please, do NOT use eyeshadow for any dark colors except for actually on your eyelids. Most eyeshadow has a shimmer effect and will make your face look too shiny.

5. Use a Sealer

Makeup sealant is probably the best invention ever for Halloween! Go out and buy some – it’s worth it. After your makeup is all done you can just mist it on your face and it will seal your makeup so it doesn’t run.

6. Bring Along Touch-Up MaterialHow to Nail your Halloween Makeup

Just in case the sealant didn’t work the best or you know you’re going to be out for far longer than what your makeup will be able to last, bring some touch up makeup materials. It’s great to just freshen up your makeup throughout the night.

Now you know all my secrets on how to assure your makeup is boo-tiful this Halloween!