How to Overcome an Unwanted and Unwelcoming Sunburn Scenario


Nothing seems more accomplishing and more soothing than a relaxing time at the beach. You are having a hard time at work or you have just got done with a week long shifting exercise, a little bit of time in the sun could do you a world of good. But what could one do if time is just not right for you.

You forget your sunscreen at home while visiting the beach. And now you’ve got exactly the type of face you wish you never had. What to do in such a case to avoid looking like a complete goof for the next few days. Here are a few beauty tips for you to follow and avoidhaving the damaged, sun burnt look you hate so much.

Damage control and permanent cure:How to Overcome an Unwanted and Unwelcoming Sunburn Scenario

Now, the first and foremost part is to do something about the dryness and peeling of the skin. Ask any random person and she will suggest you to use a moisturizer to make the dryness go away and revive the skin. This is exactly where you are going to do more damage to yourself. Not all moisturizers are your friendly neighborhood dream boys; in fact most of them could turn out to be harmful for you.

The reason behind this is fairly simple. Most moisturizers that you have at your home or in your handbags contain ‘emollient’. Emollient is a complex mixture of chemical agents that helps soften your skin. What most girls don’t know about this is that moisturizers containing emollients, if applied to any area of the skin damaged by sunburn, causes the skin to heat up further, thus causing more damage. What you need to do at such a time is use a moisturizer that contains humectants instead of emollients. Humectants, once applied to the damaged area help provide relief to you and speed up the healing process by increasing the water content in your skin.

Need of the Hour:How to Overcome an Unwanted and Unwelcoming Sunburn Scenario

You need to go out to an important function but the sunburn has had a not so good impact. What would you do? How about trying a different make-up technique! Use the help of mineral cosmetics to look good without causing your skin any more damage. Mineral cosmetics help you cover up any uneven tone and add an extra layer of sun protection. After this, try balancing out the skin color difference with a color correcting concealer. You could use a sun block under your make-up to avoid the skin from getting damaged further and provide a soothing effect.

Beauty- The internal satisfaction:

Well, as they say, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ It does not matter to your loved ones how your look. Looking good is all about internal satisfaction and making yourself happy. So feel good about yourself in every way possible and try not to forget that sun block the next time you go out sunbathing.