How to Sneak In a Workout When You’re Busy


Want to exercise but you’re short on time? With a little planning, you can sneak in a workout no matter how busy you are. Simple lifestyle changes, such as waking up earlier and getting a gym buddy, can help you stay on track. Remember that quality is more important than quantity. A short, intense workout can do more for your health than a three-hour session. So, here are a few tips on how to make time for fitness:

Work Out at High IntensityHow to Sneak In a Workout When You’re Busy

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or stay fit, your workouts should include cardio and strength training. However, if you’re short on time, you might not be able to lift weights and do cardio the same day. High intensity workouts, such as HIIT and circuit training, offer the best of both worlds. They help build and maintain muscle, shed fat, and improve cardiovascular health in just a few minutes a day.

Schedule Your Workouts

Schedule your exercise sessions the same way you do with your work, social events, and grocery lists. Write down everything, from the muscle groups trained to the number of reps and sets. This will keep you motivated and help you stay on track. Create a schedule, stick to it, and make health a priority.

Rise and ShineHow to Sneak In a Workout When You’re Busy

Another way to make sure you stay on track is to work out first thing in the morning. Lay out your gym clothes the night before, set an earlier alarm, and go jogging or do some bodyweight exercises after drinking your coffee. If you have time to hit the gym, that’s even better!

Limit Screen Time

How much time do you spend checking your social media accounts, browsing the Web, and watching TV? Cut down on media and you’ll have more time to exercise. Instead of watching your favorite reality show or checking your email 10 times a day, do three sets of push-ups or hit the stair master for 15 minutes.