How to Wear a Scarf in the Summer


With summer in full swing and the weather consistently resembling something of a sweaty nightmare, how does one dress to impress?  Say you’ve got a full closet of scarfs and just can’t wait for the fall or winter seasons to wear them, what do you do then?  Well, that’s easy! Scarves are not meant just to keep your neck warm when the weather cools down.  You can wear them all year long – including summertime!  How, you ask?  Just see below and find out.

TraditionallyHow to Wear a Scarf in the Summer

You can wear a scarf in the summer the same way you would in the fall; just wrap it around your neck and pair it with your favorite tank!  The only difference would be what type of scarf you use.  You can’t wrap a thick, wool knit scarf around your neck and expect to survive a day in the hot sun.  No.  You should choose a very light – maybe even translucent – scarf that will allow you some breathing room. An added bonus of having a scarf around your neck is that it will absorb some of the sweat that may accumulate.

As a Belt

If you have a killer scarf that you really want to wear, but it’s too hot to wear traditionally, you can just wear it as a belt!  It may sound silly, but hear me out.  Obviously something like this wouldn’t work with a bulky, thick scarf, but it will work with a light one. All you could have to do is fold it up (or scrunch it, depending on your style) and feed it through your belt loops.  Matched with a pair of shorts and a cute tank, the little bow made by your belt scarf will give your outfit just what it needs.

Bikini CoverHow to Wear a Scarf in the Summer

Do you need a nice little bikini wrap and don’t want to go out to the store and buy one?  Then just use one of your many scarves!  Most light, thin scarves are very wide and can easily be tied from one corner to the next and will form a make-shift skirt.  Not only will this give you just the cover you need, it will also be one of a kind!  I bet no one else at that beach or pool party will be using their scarf to cover up their bikini bottoms.

As a Hair Accessory

How to Wear a Scarf in the SummerSince the weather is scalding and you want to get away from the torching heat, you will most likely be wearing your hair up for a large portion of the season.  This can get very boring after a while.  One way to spice it up is to wrap a scarf around your head and entangle it into your up do.  That gives a whole new meaning to the term “messy bun”.  If you’re someone with short hair, wrap it around as a headband and tie an adorable bow at the top.

Even though the weather is warm and scarves are typically used in the fall and winter, you can definitely still rock a scarf.  Follow all of the tips above for a unique and fashionable summer style!