Keep Your Eyes Looking Young


Our eyes are something that is important to us because they are often how we are judged and perceived by other people. It’s what we use to interact with people and give us one of our main senses. When people wear sunglasses indoors, it gives them a mysterious air and it makes them hard to trust because eyes are what we ‘read’ and what we base our opening assumptions and opinions on. For this reason, you may want to keep them looking as beautiful and as youthful as they did a few years ago but unfortunately when you look in the mirror all you see is bags, dark circles and wrinkles. The question is; how do you keep your eyes looking young?

As we age, our skin tends to thin making the appearance of blood vessels a real problem and giving us a constant ‘tired’ look, one way to counteract this is to use concealer. When deciding what concealer to go for, you should consider your skin tone and try to pick a yellow-based product that is one or two skin tones lighter than your own. Make sure you are standing in front of a mirror and gently dab the concealer from the bottom of your eyebrows all the way down to your eyelashes using a small concealer brush or your ring finger. Concealer will help to lighten the dark areas around your eyes as well as give them the appearance that they have been lifted.

The second tip is a simple one and all you need is an eyelash curler. First, make sure your eyelashes are dry rather than wet as wet eyelashes will not hold the curl and will leave you feeling disappointed. Before you apply your mascara, give your eyelashes two or three simple squeezes using the eyelash curler and watch as the years fall off in a number of seconds.

Another problem that occurs as we grow older is that our eyebrows begin to thin and start to look sparse, this can affect how old we look in general as it changes our whole appearance but it is something that can be easily resolved. Firstly, use two fingers to pull apart the brow so you can see the exact spots that need help. Next, grab a brow brush to add some brow powder to the areas that need it most. Try to brush the powder the same way that your brows grow out to avoid a messy look. Once you have added the brow powder and filled the vacant area, use a spoolie or any other similar product that will allow you to brush your brow back to its natural position and remove any excess powder.  Once finished, have a look in the mirror to check if you have got to all the main spots that needed attending to. You should have a more ‘filled out’ eyebrow that will take years off your age. This, coupled with curled eyelashes, will put you back on track within minutes.

Another huge problem that many women run into is ‘crow’s feet’. This is where you get three or more wrinkles/lines coming away from the outside of each eye towards the ear. One way of tackling crow’s feet is to use concealer but this is very much a ‘wallpaper over the crack’ solution. If you want to attempt to genuinely remove them or at least lessen the effect, try a face cream that contains peptides. Peptides will help to boost the amount of caffeine and collagen in the area which will in turn, restrict the blood vessels.

Expanding on the previous point, caffeine and therefore tea bags can bring great benefits when it comes to removing blood vessels as well as puffiness around the eye. Although it sounds crazy, try resting a teabag on your eye for ten to fifteen minutes whilst lying on your back just as you would a slice of cucumber. The caffeine in the teabag will help to draw out any liquids that may be sitting underneath the eye and will therefore remove any puffiness almost instantly. The caffeine will also help to constrict the darker blood vessels in the area which are the ones that are most visible. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t make a cup of tea and then put the tea bags straight on your eyes from the mug as that would be extremely painful but let them sit in boiling water for a minute or two and then let them bathe in ice water for a few seconds. As soon as you are ready, lie back and let the tea bags rest on your eyes for around ten to fifteen minutes. The puffiness may be reduced straight away due to the removal of the liquid in your eye but you should start to see results in the removal of dark blood vessels after regular use. You should notice an all-round ‘softer’ appearance to your eyes that will knock off a few years.

Finally, you can try to use creams that contain both vitamin K and retinal (which is a type of vitamin A). These two ingredients will combine to create a fantastic product that will leave your eyes feeling and looking youth-filled. A study in 2003 discovered that women that applied an under-eye cream that contained those two ingredients every night for over ten weeks saw a 33% reduction in the dark circles around the eyes. Retinal is an interesting ingredient as it will also help with the removal of crow’s feet but it should be noted that it should only be applied at night before bed as it is extremely sensitive to UV light.

So there are some great tips to keep you looking younger and to shed years off of your age so you never have to look ‘old’ again, you are only as old as you feel! If all else fails, why not try out a new powerful colored lipstick that draws the attention away from your eyes!