Keep Your Lips Glowing With That Smile and Lipstick


Beauty is way more than simply color, ethnicity or your family background. It is something more related to your inner satisfaction that gets the best out of you. You might want to be the most beautiful girl in the world, but if you don’t know how to carry yourself forward, you are no good at all. Your dress for a function, your matching shoes, that handy mascara and the amazing lipstick that you put on are all part of the look you carry to an event or in general.

The lip-stick affect:Keep Your Lips Glowing With That Smile and Lipstick

The lip-stick is one cosmetic tool for a woman that does tend to uplift her look quite a lot. But unfortunately the beauties nowadays fail to understand proper use of a lipstick and at times self destruct. This article of ours today is aimed at helping our lovely princesses understand the concept of a lipstick and make proper use of it.

Making proper use of a lipstick is a thing of understanding and it has a lot to do with your skin tone. Let us have a look at the difference of skin tones across the globe and what lipstick shades would work best in enhancing the Prom Queen look.

Light skin:

This light pinkish and reddish color skin tone is found amongst people hailing majorly from Western or North Western Europe as well as Scandinavian countries nationals. Along with an exotic party wear, a dark color lipstick, preferably berry color would give you the touch of a goddess at any party or major event. A slight pinkish lip-stick however, would be a more than enough touch to be used as a casual every day wear.

The Neutral tone:Keep Your Lips Glowing With That Smile and Lipstick

This slightly olive skin is majorly found amongst people from the Mediterranean and East Asia along with some parts of South Eastern Europe. For outing and party wear, a slightly darker shade or a touch of brown in your lip-stick would add a touch of class to your beauty. A stunning attire along with your gorgeous smile is bound to leave a few mesmerized in the crowd. On the other hand, try out an apricot or peach colored lip-stick for daily use.

The Dark tone:

People hailing from The Caribbean and most of Africa have Dark toned skin. A slightly maroon or burgundy red shade lip-stick as a party wear would complement the skin tone quite beautifully. For normal every day wear, slightly dark brown touch of lip-stick would give you a completely natural look and enhance your beauty for a classy everyday look.

The beauty of a Girl:Keep Your Lips Glowing With That Smile and Lipstick

In the words of the great American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.

The height of a masterpiece in God’s handwriting is indeed the Beauty of a girl. To enhance your beauty further and to make yourself feel better, you should never shy away from trying to look good. So all you need to do is simply stay classy and keep that lip-stick of your glowing at all times.