Mothers That Exercise: Be a Better Example for Your Kids


Mothers that exercise and do their best to commit to a healthy lifestyle are excellent examples for their kids. The best way to lead is by example and if your children see you staying active and eating healthy, they will do the same. Aside from healthy living being the right thing to do, it comes with so many benefits. Not only does it promote weight loss but it helps you avoid obesity and gives you that all day energy every mother needs. Here are a few ways that being an active mama will make you a better example for your kids.

Monkey see, Monkey do…..Children love to do as they see

A mother’s physical activity leMothers That Exercise: Be a Better Example for Your Kidsvel will directly impact their children even if they are quite young. A British study has actually found a direct think between the two. Research shows that the example mothers set affect how active their children were. Researchers at the Medical Research Council Units and Cambridge and Southampton universities monitored 544 mothers and their four year old children for a week. During this week heart monitors tracked activity patterns and found that the child was often active when his/her mother was active.

This research also showed that 47% of mothers are not meeting the recommended amount of physical activity per day. It actually makes complete sense. If a child sees their mother being active they will most likely join in. From a very young age children mimic what they see so an active mother will raise active children. Every child can benefit from having an active mom with all day energy.

Healthy habits begin in the homeMothers That Exercise: Be a Better Example for Your Kids

Mothers that exercise will also be a better example for their children since they have helpful knowledge to pass on pertaining to health and fitness. Habits start at home and teaching your kids about exercise and nutrition while putting those habits into action will become something that they are used to and will help avoid obesity (which is a serious issue in both children and adults). Encouraging healthy habits by example will even assist in weight loss if weight management is an issue in the household. The best part is, it is never too late to start. You can set a good example whether your child/children are 3 or 13.

Whether your goal is weight loss or doing what you can to avoid obesity, just get moving!

Commit to 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day and move on from there. It will set a wonderful example for your kids.