The Natural Look


There are days when we love getting all made up; we take time in beautifying our features, contouring and blending in and spend a lot of time on ourselves. And some days, (most of them really) we want to go au-naturale. Now I’m not saying au-naturale means going sans makeup, it means going in light so your best features are highlighted naturally. Here’s what you can do to achieve the look:


For the natural look, the more real skin shows, the better. Prep your face by moisturizing your face and then apply foundation as sparingly as possible. Blend it in starting from the center of your face and then moving towards the outer side. Blending is the key here! To avoid any flakes, patches or for any uneven tone, just powder the center of your forehead, around your nose and the chin. Keep your cheeks and jawline sans powder.


For this look, you want your lips to not be highlighted a lot and yet get their chance to shine as well. Choose a light (not nude) color, something along the lines of the lightest shade of plum or pinkish brown. Use your finger to blend in the color on your lips and get a stained tinted look.


A well applied mascara is a whole look in itself. It gives your eyes a fresher look. Just make sure you don’t apply lots of coats all at once, this will cause the mascara to look blotted and uneven. A blotted and uneven mascara looks shabby and would destroy the whole look that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


Pink cheeks have always been the vogue. Choose a blush that is light pink and would accentuate the color in your cheeks, giving you a natural pinkish glow. Move your brush downwards. We make a mistake of moving the brush from the bottom to the top which puts in more color at the center of the cheek, giving it an unnatural look. Remember: From the top to the bottom. If you don’t like pink, then opt for a warm peach. Warm but light. These two colors are meant to give your face a glow.


For the natural look, avoid using the highlighter too much especially just below your eyebrows. Just put it in the inwards of your eyes to brighten up your eyes. If you feel that just the highlighter isn’t enough, then choose a light, matte nude eye shadow for your eyes. Blend it really well so it feels that your eyelids are of the same color. Choose matte, and not shimmery eye shadow for the eyes as the shimmer would shine in light, making the overall look unbalanced.

Keep in mind to take care of your skin. No matter how much makeup you put on, until and unless your skin isn’t well moisturized and nourished, it won’t give the look you’ve imagined.