Things You Will Need as You Touch 20


Your 20’s is a critical time in your life. You might be soon to finish school, kick start a career and be independent. Being independent means more responsibility and with responsibility comes the need of a wardrobe packed with a more serious stuff. Tees and a rough pair of jeans and shorts are not what will help you anymore. Following are some of the most essential things that you need as soon as you enter your 20’s:

A black blazer

It is essential to have a black blazer in your closet. It’s a stylish yet a serious addition that every women needs in the 20’s. Consider it an investment that will pay you off for years to come. You can use it for interviews and meetings as well as other times when you need to make a strong impression.

A hairbrush

Do you have a proper hairbrush? Remember that your hair needs to look as decent and in place as your clothing in your 20’s. Forget the comb that was your companion in your teens.

Leather HandbagThings You Will Need as You Touch 20

A couple of leather handbags can be a fantastic addition to your fashion collection. You need to carry your stuff in a stylish way and these bags can help you do this in a perfect manner. Look for neutral colors such as black or white so that they may complement most outfits.

Comfortable pajamas

Women in 20’s generally spend considerable time in bed. That is why spending on a nice comfortable pajamas can be a great way to ensure a smooth and comfy night’s sleep.

A pair of heels

If you don’t have a pair of nice heels, it is the best time to grab one.

SunglassesThings You Will Need as You Touch 20

Get yourself some sunglasses that can give you an elegant yet a mature look. They will not help you achieve a more serious look but provide your eyes with the much needed protection from the sun.


Being in your 20’s does not mean your wardrobe should only have formal clothing. A stylish jean is always an essential addition to anyone’s wardrobe at any age.

White shirts

These fine shirts are always great. Put them on at work or while shopping and they will perfect your look. Pair them with jeans or khakis, their effect will be awesome in the summer.

Essential makeup and cosmetics

A few lipsticks, moisture, a sunscreen? Don’t have them? Grab without delay!