Top Weight Loss Tips


There are diets that have been around for decades as well as new fads that seem to come around every single year so it can be hard to keep track of what you should and shouldn’t be eating as well as what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Some diets seem to completely go against what another diet bases its whole system around so no-one should be blamed for getting confused when wanting to lose weight. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the top tips from industry experts to give you a head start. If you follow these tips, you will lose weight easier than ever before!

Are You Really Hungry? – This is a question that you should ask yourself on a daily basis. There is a difference between emotional eating and eating because you are physically hungry. If you find yourself picking up a snack in the middle of the afternoon, ask yourself if you are actually hungry or whether you are eating out of habit or even emotion. Many of us eat because we are bored, stressed or even tired so if that is the case, you need to find something else to relieve that emotion that doesn’t involve eating. Keeping eating times to when you are actually hungry will give you the ability to lose weight much quicker.

Focus On The Positives! – When people start a diet, their first thought is what foods they will be missing out on. You start to think of all the chocolate, cakes and sweets that you can no longer eat; however, you need to flip this around so you are thinking about the exciting new foods that you can try. A diet really can be an enjoyable journey so start thinking about the foods that you enjoy and also the new foods that you can try that you have never tasted before. There are so many recipes out there that it is impossible to get bored.

Change Your Mind-set! – One of the biggest downfalls of any diet is ourselves. We tend to talk down to ourselves and often use negative descriptive words that can have damaging effects. For example, if you are attempting to lose weight and you try on a new dress, we often say ‘well, I still look fat’ or comments to that effect. This can be upsetting which can then lead to comfort eating as you effectively give up and that is it, diet over. Instead, you should try and be more positive. Try to treat yourself as a friend so before you make a judgement. Think ‘what would I say if it was my friend standing in front of me’, this way you won’t be too harsh. If you don’t talk negatively to your friend, why should you say negative comments about yourself?

Exercise! – Some people attempt to lose weight through dieting alone perhaps unaware that even a short period of exercising can help massively. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, there are so many activities out there so it is easy to find something that you will enjoy doing. Try to set a target at the beginning of the week (e.g. amount of time spent exercising) and keep a diary to see if you stick to it.

Eat Fat! – This is something that goes against many diets but eating fat can be a good thing as there are fats that will help you to lose weight. These are called monounsaturated fats, otherwise known as ‘good’ fats, and can be found in foods such as avocados; omega-3 is also a ‘good’ fat and can be found in fatty fish such as salmon. These ‘good’ fats will help you to lose weight as they keep you feeling fuller for longer removing the need for unnecessary snacking.

‘Healthy’ Foods Aren’t Always Best! – Just because the packaging on a food product says ‘healthy’, this doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the best option. This is something that is becoming a big problem as it can halt weight loss; foods that are labelled as ‘healthy’ are often not filling and so people tend to eat more thus preventing weight loss. Instead, you should be eating whole foods that will provide you with all the necessary nutrients to see you through until the next meal.

Be Unique! – Although there are ideas that can set you on the right path, there is no diet plan that will work as well for you as a plan that you create yourself. No-one knows your wants and needs more than you so the best meal plan is one that is designed by you. Once you know how much of each nutrient you need in your diet, you can have fun creating healthy meals.

Plan, Plan, Plan! – There is a well-known saying ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ and this works perfectly with dieting. It is easy to start a diet without planning but it will fall apart in a matter of days as you will get home from work, not know what to cook and then ultimately, fall back into bad habits. You should try and plan for the week ahead at the weekend, this way you can plan your meals according to your schedule. If you go out on a Wednesday evening, for example, you know that you are going to need a quick meal. If you plan ahead, you can make this quick meal a healthy one rather than a takeaway.

Take Your Time!Too many people jump into a diet head first too quickly and this is a sure-fire path to failure. You are more likely to be successful if you start by cutting down the amount of unhealthy foods you consume and then replacing them with healthier options. As you become more confident and find foods that you enjoy, you can cut down on the fattening foods even more. If you drop unhealthy foods straight from the off, you will be hit by cravings that you wouldn’t get if you were to slowly wean yourself off of them.