Worst Foods to Eat Late at Night


Wondering what to eat at bedtime to stay fit and prevent weight gain? While it’s true that it doesn’t matter what time you eat, this doesn’t mean it’s fine to binge on sugary desserts and junk food late in the night. Late night meals may cause you to skip breakfast and lead to overeating. If you want to maintain your weight, make smart food choices before bedtime.

Here are some of the worst foods to eat late at night:


Chocolate, including dark varieties, contains caffeine, which may affect your sleep. This delicious treat is high in simple sugars that cause insulin spikes followed by crashes. The excess sugar will be stored as fat unless you burn those calories. If you crave chocolate at night, have a protein shake or a glass of low fat chocolate milk.

GrainsWorst Foods to Eat Late at Night

Breakfast cereals, whole grains, and granola are big no-no’s before bedtime. These foods are high in calories and carbs, and can mess up your blood sugar. If you eat cereals at night, you might wake up starving a few hours later due to insulin spikes. The best time to eat oatmeal and grains is in the morning or before working out.

Spicy Food

Spicy foods, such as nachos and other Mexican specialties, are high in calories and fat. The spicy flavors can interfere with your sleep and affect digestion. If your cravings don’t go away, make some grilled or steamed chicken with cayenne pepper and lemon or lime juice.

Ice CreamWorst Foods to Eat Late at Night

Loaded with sugar and fat, ice cream isn’t the best choice for a late night snack. Keep in mind that sugar free varieties are often high in fat, while low fat ice cream contains tons of sugar. Either way, this snack can lead to weight gain. If you want ice cream badly, have a small cup pre or post workout.